Siemens again selects Kuehne + Nagel on the Europe-USA-Europe trade lane

Siemens, one of the world’s largest electrical engineering and electronic companies, has renewed its contract with Kuehne + Nagel as its nominated provider for all logistics services between Europe and the USA.

The business relationship extends back more than 10 years. Items such as spare parts for medical equipment, turbines, electric power distribution units and high-end electronics make up the diversity of the goods Kuehne + Nagel handles for Siemens between Europe and the US. Under the extended agreement, Kuehne + Nagel has been endorsed for air, sea, brokerage on the transatlantic lanes and additional inland services.

Mike Brewer, Siemens Shared Services, LLC and Head of the Siemens North American Traffic Council, "We have again chosen Kuehne + Nagel, as the company has a proven track record in operational excellence, the global footprint we require, a strong commitment to IT initiatives, and a finely tuned client and key account management set-up customized to our requirements. This combination allows us to continually evolve and deepen our partnership and smoothly adapt it to our logistics requirements."

Kuehne + Nagel provides Siemens with customized monitoring and reporting services including full transparency of freight costs, delivery times and customs clearance information. One of the many benefits is that this enables Siemens to leverage the logistics visibility and benefit from the advanced planning it affords.

Rolf Altorfer, President and CEO of Kuehne + Nagel, Inc. USA, "We are delighted that Siemens has decided to continue their valuable partnership with us. We look forward to building upon the sound foundation and to further adding value to Siemens' operations in the years to come.