Digital and Imaged Document Archiving - New functionality in Kuehne + Nagel’s web-based tracking and tracing system

Leading global logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel announces a unique enhancement to its internet-based visibility, monitoring and reporting tool, KN Login. The new functionality allows for digital and imaged document retrieval and storage.


In addition to extensive shipment milestone tracking and alerting, KN Login users can currently view and print online their digital shipping documents and scanned document images, filtered by both Kuehne + Nagel and client specific reference numbers. An existing feature also allows for the creation of e-mail alerts that are sent to a customer when a specified document of interest has been posted to KN Login.

In response to growing industry demand for optical storage of documents to replace hard copy archiving, Kuehne + Nagel has now added a new document retrieval and storage function to KN Login. The enhancement brings clients one step closer towards paperless document management.

The new KN Login image extraction function will enable authorised users to filter and select a range of imaged shipment documents by date, reference number, document type, or origin/destination locations, and customise an electronic download file for storage. The file will be delivered to the user via an e-mail containing a link. In addition to copies of the digital and imaged forwarding documents, the link will contain a document image viewer utility that will be embedded on the selected storage venue. Upon selection of the link, the user can download a compressed file containing the documents selected and store them on optical media such as CD-ROMs or data DVDs.

This functionality reduces what normally amounts to a cumbersome amount of documents to an easily stored group of electronic files, thereby providing KN Login users with an opportunity to reduce time, effort and cost typically associated with distributing, filing, retrieving and storing of physical documents.