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Supervisor Najib's continuous improvement mindset

Each day on the Drinks Logistics site offers a new challenge, since the daily volumes – that can never be predicted far in advance – need to be processed. Loading, unloading and transporting crates with drink bottles is only a fraction of the operations. Crates with empty bottles must also find their way back to the warehouse to be sorted. The person responsible for these operations – and also for the people who help execute them – is Najib, who took on his role as Supervisor Warehouse quite recently.

In the meantime, Najib has mastered all processes in our warehouse. “In the beginning I received a one-month training in which I worked in all the teams to get to know both the people and the ways of working“, he says. It didn’t take him long to get used to his new daily ritual at Kuehne + Nagel. “The day always starts with a tour around the warehouse in order to evaluate it in terms of safety, cleanliness and tidiness which are some of the key values here and therefore a priority. Afterwards I speak to my foremen to ask what their day is going to look like, and finally I check my mails like everyone else.”

For Najib, the biggest change in comparison with his former jobs has been the deeply embedded KNPS or continuous improvement mindset within Kuehne + Nagel. “I quickly learned how important KNPS and the 5S method are within the Kuehne + Nagel contract logistics environment. Every week a specific area in the warehouse is evaluated to verify whether everything is in its place and meets the requirements of the methodology”, he explains. “And in the broader sense of KNPS I regularly remind my team members of the shared responsibility to think about continuous improvement.”

Despite all the structure and pre-described processes, Najib describes the Kuehne + Nagel work environment as one with a large degree of freedom. “I do like the fact that almost everything has a specific procedure because it makes everything very clear, controlled and efficient. But when it comes to how I approach my job as a supervisor, I have to a large extent the liberty to develop my own way of working which I appreciate a lot”, he says.

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