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Operation managed by Kuehne+Nagel consolidates logistics for gas production field in Brazil

  • Company led storage and transportation of more than 10 thousand tons of equipment
  • Operation will directly benefit local communities and the state
  • The project included multimodal transport, by ferry and trucks, on routes of more than 500km across the north of the country

Kuehne+Nagel, one of the world's leading logistics companies, recently completed a mega operation for the construction of a natural gas treatment plant in the Azulão field, in Amazonas, which started the operations last month. In the pioneer project in Brazil belonging to Eneva, the fuel will be liquefied to be transported daily to the Jaguatirica Thermoelectric Power Plant, in Boa Vista, where it will be transformed into energy to supply more than half of the state of Roraima.

The operation, which has just received its operating license, will directly benefit local communities and the State. Among royalties and other taxes, the expectation is of more than R$ 720 million in collection for the entire operation period. The generated energy will supply Roraima, the only state in the country still disconnected from the National Interconnected System (SIN) of energy transmission, which therefore depends on local generation.

The operation included multimodal transport, by ferry and trucks, on routes of more than 500km across the north of the country. And for the construction of the installation, the company carried out the storage and transport of more than 10 thousand tons of equipment, with the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team from Kuehne+Nagel. To receive the equipment that made the construction of the project possible, the company used a warehouse with almost 5 thousand m² in Iranduba, AM.

“The project was a success, with 100% of the equipment delivered without damage. In order to transport the large amount of complex machinery with very specific characteristics, we developed an exclusive and made-to-measure structure, which made it possible to remove the “Cryoboxes” (modular natural gas liquefaction units) quickly and safely. This is one of the characteristics that we bring to Kuehne+Nagel, the ability to improvise and be flexible to meet the demands of our customers”, explains Gabriel Zorzi, director of maritime transport and project logistics for the company in Brazil.

Azulão will supply 70% of Roraima's energy consumption

The gas produced in Azulão will be liquefied in the treatment plant for storage and transported by cryogenic trucks, which will leave daily for Boa Vista, capital of Roraima. There, the energy generated by natural gas will be connected to the electrical transmission grid. The thermoelectric plant will add 141 MW to the electrical system, which is equivalent to more than half of the state's consumption.


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