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Support for the conservation of the endangered Far Eastern leopard population

Logistics for Leopards

With only about 90 remaining animals in the wild, mostly in the Primorye territoryin Russia, the Far Eastern leopard, or Amur leopard, is the rarest big cat in the world. In recent years, the population stabilised and even started to grow again, not least due to the efforts undertaken by the autonomous non-profit organisation Far Eastern Leopards, which was established in 2011 in order to study, preserve and restore the leopard population in the border region between Russia and China. At Kuehne + Nagel, we are proud to play a small role in these efforts by providing our logistics services. 

The Eurasian Centre for the Conservation of the Far Eastern Leopard chose Kuehne + Nagel to provide door-to-door deliveries from the US to Russia, including customs clearance, time-critical shipments and transport of technical equipment for the observation and control of the leopards in their habitat. The transports are organised and executed using the extensive logistics network of Kuehne + Nagel, both globally and within Russia.

Yelena Gangalo, Advisor to the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on nature protection, environmental and transport issues, states: “Kuehne + Nagel’s reliable and fast shipments are of great help to us in supplying our critical technical equipment to the place of action on time. It’s logistics experts are always ready to react proactively to our sometimes rather urgent transportation demands.”

The efforts to preserve the Far Eastern wild cat are already bearing fruit: The leopard population has started to grow, and its geographical distribution has expanded, spreading from Russia into China. Extermination is stopped, but the population must reach at least 150 before the species can be considered safe.

Perry Neumann, President Cluster Russia + CIS and General Director of Kuehne + Nagel LLC, comments: “We are very pleased to support this great initiative for the preservation of the Amur leopard. If our logistics services can help to achieve this honourable goal, Kuehne + Nagel and its employees are more than happy to contribute.”


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