Kuehne & Nagel Wins Hong Kong Awards for Services

Kuehne & Nagel (Asia Pacific) Management Ltd. has received the prestigious “2003 Hong Kong Award for Services: Productivity”, one of the five categories of the Hong Kong Awards for Services, at a presentation gala dinner held in early January 2004.

Organised by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Award aims to encourage, promote and give recognition to organisations that achieve continuous improvements in service productivity for enhancing sustainable growth and global competitiveness.

In assessing the service productivity standards of Kuehne & Nagel, the central judging panel, consisting of senior government officials and business leaders, cites that “Kuehne & Nagel (Asia Pacific) Management Ltd. makes use of a standard industry model for defining core processes. The information technology platform helps standardise core processes across the corporation. The company has a number of process performance indicators that help it monitor the performance of its key business processes. Measurement and integrated information systems serve as a source of competitive advantage for the company. Kuehne & Nagel’s Asia Pacific organization has contributed significantly to the development and modification of the global information systems.”
In its continual drive for business optimisation, data quality as well as process and service quality in all Kuehne & Nagel’s business units worldwide are subject to stringent examinations. Adapting to the requirements of the latest ISO 9001:2000 standards, the Kuehne & Nagel Group has restructured its entire quality management system, which includes customer and process orientation among its main points.
“Kuehne & Nagel strives for the best possible value through reliability, efficiency and advanced technology. Our dedication to quality assurance, staff development and innovation makes us the preferred logistics partner worldwide, offering the highest level of satisfaction to our customers,“ comments Andy Weber, Managing Director of Kuehne & Nagel (Asia Pacific) Management Ltd.
Kuehne & Nagel’s operational excellence has also won it a Certificate of Merit in the Export Marketing category this year. The central judging panel notes that the company has demonstrated much success in its marketing strategies. The various marketing promotions conducted are particularly valuable in capturing overseas markets in Europe, the Transpacific area, Latin America, South America and the Middle East, gaining major global key accounts and maintaining Kuehne & Nagel’s leading position in the industry. The company has dedicated substantial efforts towards upgrading its information technology in order to facilitate the smooth running of its business and increase efficiency and transparency of supply chain operations. It has also implemented strategic customer and staff development programs.

Kuehne & Nagel is the second-time winner of the Hong Kong Awards for Services. In 2001, the company won the “HKTDC Award for Services: Export Marketing”.

The logistics network of Kuehne & Nagel in the Asia Pacific region spans 82 locations in 19 countries. They include: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.