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From Canada to Europe: Damien’s international Kuehne + Nagel career

Moving is our business, and this can be taken quite literally. In 2017, Damien left Paris and followed his girlfriend to Montréal, Canada. Thanks to his connections with Kuehne + Nagel, his search for a job on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean proved easier than expected.

“In my previous job in Paris I worked closely together with Kuehne + Nagel France from the supplier side – also in logistics”, Damien explains. “I used those connections to enquire about job possibilities in Kuehne + Nagel Montréal.” Shortly afterwards, in March 2017, Damien joined Kuehne + Nagel Canada’s import seafreight team for country’s Eastern region.

Two years later Damien and his girlfriend decided to move back to Europe. Conveniently, his relocation to Belgium was again arranged in a breeze. “It is great to be able to do pretty much the same job here as in Montréal, dealing with intermodal transportation”, Damien explains. “The only real difference is the size of the country and the scope of operations.”

Damien’s move to Antwerp went smoothly, as the uniformity of IT tools and software makes transitioning between Kuehne + Nagel offices a piece of cake. “The most challenging part of the move was the fact that people speak Dutch here”, Damien adds. “That’s why I’m following Dutch classes via the company.”

Damien is glad to have had this international experience, which has been an added value professionally as well as personally. “It is interesting to see how alike Kuehne + Nagel sites all over the world are. Not just in their ways of working, but also in terms of the work environment. The multicultural aspect of Kuehne + Nagel remains very outspoken which I appreciate a lot.”

Are you, like Damien, fascinated by logistics? Perhaps you also aspire an international career? Check out our open vacancies in our Career Portal: https://jobs.kuehne-nagel.com

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