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Dusanka's international workplace

Thanks to our worldwide presence, international mobility is one of the benefits of working for Kuehne + Nagel. When Dusanka was offered to move from Kuehne + Nagel Belgrade to Antwerp, she took the offer without much contemplation. Looking back to the spontaneous decision, she’s glad she did!

In spring 2016, Dusanka started her career within the company as an airfreight operator in Belgrade, moving to Human Resources half a year later. “My experience within airfreight allowed me to get a profound understanding of Kuehne + Nagel’s core business and the forwarding sequencing process”, Dusanka explains. “This was very useful for me in my new position as a recruiter for Kuehne + Nagel Belgium.”

Dusanka blossomed in the HR department, where she eventually accepted the role of Team Leader for the BeLux recruitment team. She not only gained a lot of experience in leading a team, but also launched several innovative ideas to improve the recruitment and sourcing practices developing into a true Talent Acquisition Specialist. The HR department in Belgium noticed her potential, and in December 2017 Dusanka left Serbia and was warmly greeted by her colleagues in Antwerp.

“So far, it has been a great learning experience”, Dusanka exclaims, adding that “I truly enjoy working with my team here in Antwerp. I am still challenged on a daily basis, and the learning never stops! Being based in Belgium, where I’m surrounded by colleagues from the departments I recruit for, also enables me to grasp the complexity of their recruitment needs much better.”

When asked whether Dusanka has more international plans for the future, she clarifies: “As said, there are still plenty of challenges to learn in my current role so I don’t have any plans to switch jobs or location. But beyond that, I am open to whatever might come my way as long as it’s fun, exciting and gives me the opportunity to develop myself further!”

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