Best practice for the aerospace industry - Airbus Deutschland outsources third project to STUTE

Airbus has contracted Stute Verkehrs-GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, to operate its dedicated logistics centre in Laupheim. The aircraft manufacturer has already outsourced two other logistics projects to Stute, who won out against 12 other competing companies.

The plant in Laupheim supplies parts for the entire family of Airbus aircraft. Its workforce of around 1,100 specialises in the production of highly sensitive aircabin components made of ultralight reinforced fibre as well as tubing for air-conditioning systems mainly for assembly in the A380 in the Airbus plant at Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Construction of the new 10,000 sqm logistics centre in Laupheim has already commenced, and the facility is to be fully operational in the first half of 2006.

Hartmut Schwenk, Airbus's project manager in Laupheim, commented: "The outsourcing project is highly time-critical, and, thanks to their industry expertise and willingness to make available the IT resources and personnel required, with Stute we have selected a logistics provider who disposes of all the necessary capabilities. Stute provides best practice solutions for the aerospace industry that facilitate the optimisation of logistics process chains.”

Stute will be responsible for the dispatch of prefabricated components for the A380, the operation of the entire in-house transportation at the Laupheim plant, and the provision of logistics services for production equipment. Making the best use of IT systems to assure optimum process quality will be a particularly challenging task, given that the in-house transportation system features direct links with the Airbus production line.

Stute's logistics experts were already involved in the planning of the logistics centre. The warehouse will have around 9,000 conventional storage spaces and 12,000 pallet slots in a mobile-racking system. Stute will also be assuming responsibility for the running of two existing warehouses, where a further 1,000 shelf slots and 10,000 high-bay pallet slots are available.

At present, a joint interdisciplinary Airbus / Stute team is working through the list of requirements specified by the aircraft manufacturer in connection with the construction and fitting out of the new centre, the development and implementation of software, and the definition of processes. In parallel with this, Stute has already begun providing logistics services in the field of in-bound goods and spare-parts packaging, in order to ensure the project proceeds smoothly from the very outset.

According to Jens Wollesen, member of the Management Board of Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG and responsible for contract logistics activities, the Laupheim project represents a vote of confidence in Stute. "It underpins that Airbus is satisfied with our performance in Hamburg and Bremen. The IT solutions Stute has devised guarantee efficient and transparent processes which meet the high standards in the aerospace industry.”