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At home in the warehouse: Frank’s 17 years in Kuehne + Nagel

With a 17-year career in one of Kuehne + Nagel’s warehouses, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Frank knows all the customers there like the back of his hand. His eagerness to share his “Kuehne + Nagel story” bears witness of his enthusiastic and helpful personality, but also of the fact that he loves his job. His hands-on mentality makes him enjoy the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the warehouse.

“I like the variation”, Frank explains. “No day is the same in the warehouse. Sometimes it’s the pallets station, then the parcel station, loading and unloading, or order processing…. It’s always different.” Adding the customers’ changing needs and the company’s perpetual growth to the equation, we can conclude that our warehouse environment never gets boring.

Despite Frank’s near-perfect English and his in-depth knowledge of the warehouse processes – skills that are very useful in our offices – Frank politely refused a ‘desk job’ when he was offered one. “I helped out in the office for a while and they can count on me whenever they need me”, he explains, “but I still prefer working with my hands in the warehouse.”

Although Frank is in his element in his familiar warehouse, he doesn’t shy away from a temporary change of environment. Even if that environment is all the way across the ocean in Memphis, Tennessee. His quest? Sharing best practices with North American Kuehne + Nagel colleagues for one of our common customers.

“Several colleagues and I stayed in Memphis for three weeks. It was the first time I travelled for work. I think that, whether you go to the US, or Canada or wherever, you can learn a lot from travelling and seeing how others work. It was a good experience, and in the end we saw that our presence and knowledge-sharing made a difference.”

Few things are more rewarding than seeing your efforts take effect, benefitting both colleagues and the customer.

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