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A whole new world: Larissa’s communications internship in logistics

As a student of Communications, Larissa was on the lookout for an exciting internship which she found in Kuehne + Nagel. Although logistics was unfamiliar territory for her, Larissa can happily look back upon a great experience within one of the world’s leading logistics providers.“I was able to use different languages in an international environment, and experience the workings of the communications department in a large company within the interesting forwarding industry”, she clarifies.

After her BA in Office Management, Larissa specialised in communications. “As I finished my bachelor, I felt that my interest in communications had grown and I wanted to know the ins and outs of it. That’s why I enrolled for a Master in Corporate Communications at KU Leuven. The program includes an intership of 6 weeks. I think it’s a great way to put theory into practice.”

During our young communications expert’s search for an in interesting internship, a friend who works at Kuehne + Nagel suggested to enquire about an internship there. “I had never heard of Kuehne + Nagel before, but after some research I was quite impressed by the company’s size and global activities. So I took a shot and sent my CV. Before I knew it, my internship at Kuehne + Nagel had been arranged.”

From day one, Larissa has been involved in several communications and Employer Branding projects of Kuehne + Nagel’s communication team. “I immediately felt welcome and I have never been treated as ‘the intern’, but as a real employee”, Larissa adds. “I can assure you that the pillars of the company’s Employer Brand, like developing people, are true to their word. And I’m not just saying that because it’s part of the job!”, Larissa adds with a wink.

Her involvement in our Employer Branding campaigns, also opened up a whole new world for Larissa. When she started her internship, she didn’t quite know what this concept meant. “I knew the concept of Personal Branding, but I had never heard of Employer Branding. So for me it was quite interesting to find out how Employer Branding works behind the scenes. I know notice how ubiquitous Employer Branding is!”

Despite her short stay of only 6 weeks, Larissa managed to pick up a lot and had a great time. “The 6 weeks flew by way too fast. Another proof that I had an amazing time at Kuehne + Nagel!”.

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