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4PL Fascination: Krzysztof’s passion for Integrated Logistics

During his studies of economics Krzysztof was fascinated by the paragraphs on 4PL in one of his books, which were crammed into the final chapter. “It was kind of a mystery,” he explains, “so little information about such an interesting topic.” This little sneak peek nourished his interest for logistics and the week he graduated Krzysztof already started his job at Kuehne + Nagel in Wroclaw.

Today, Krzysztof can look back upon a 9-year career at Kuehne + Nagel, and counting! As the years passed by, he gained more and more knowledge about Integrated Logistics. Back in Poland, he even was among the first to start up the country’s Integrated Logistics department. “With six people we started the department from scratch. We initially encountered issues I can’t even imagine now, but we managed and today more than 100 people work there.”

Always looking for new challenges, an interesting position in Kuehne + Nagel Luxembourg caught his attention. He applied and not much later packed his bags to move with his wife to the small European country. New environment, new job, but… same customer! For nine years now, Krzysztof has been working with the same customer — most recently as Logistics Partner Manager.

He clarifies: “As Logistics Partner Manager I run the European network for my customer, ensuring that there are carriers available to transport the customer’s goods. I procure the carriers and I implement them together with operations.” The mutual trust Krzysztof and his customer built after all these years, allows Krzysztof a high degree of independency. “The part of my job that I appreciate the most is that I can take part in the decision making process with the customer.”

Also Krzysztof’s management detected his capabilities, and invested in his development. “Over the years I’ve had great support from the management. Every year I joined several trainings, and I was always rewarded for my hard work.” And, Krzysztof makes sure to mention, Kuehne + Nagel has changed a lot over the years as well. “I like how the company adapts constantly. We’re always moving forward, in all aspects ranging from the business to the workings of HR. That’s one of our strengths.”

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